"Whether it's a major move to a new home, which also includes my home office, or a simple change that may be impacting a big aspect of my life, I call upon Karen for a refresh.  It seems like the minute I call her the energy begins to shift within my surroundings and me, and I feel more balanced and even uplifted.  My work life smooths out, things calm down at home and my family life becomes more balanced.  Even clients call and new opportunities open up.   It's as if I get a 'Tune up' and all falls into place." 
Joy Schonholz - President & CEO, Joy4wellness, Inc/Joyhaven Sanctuary

“I have used Karen’s Feng Shui expertise for a number of years. She has helped me with clearing a lot of stagnation in my space both at home and work by clearing any space where she feels needs it. She is very intuitive and she really cares about the people she works with. She helps! I highly recommend Karen for any Feng Shui needs.”
Luisa Urso - President, Connected Technology LLC

“An extraordinary intuitive approach to her Feng Shui practice and teachings! Karen finds ways to powerfully bring this wisdom tradition for healing into the environment through understanding what may not be so obvious to others. She mentors students and clients to have a positive outlook on the spaces they live and work in, and helps them enrich such  connections as relationships, prosperity, health, spirituality, creativity, career, business, family life and more! I have personally seen lives change and businesses expand when 
they work with Karen!”
Lisa, Director of Programs emeritus, MiD