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"We are all artists of our lives brought here to know who we truly are and
 to heal through our own creative expression of well-being!

 Karen Lynn Ferraro

 Karen is a talented Business Development Advisor and
 Marketing Consultant.   She brings unique skills to energize
 business and improve the productivity of individuals within
 "I believe we are here to know who we really are, to
 understand our purpose and to follow our passions - the
 key to designing a life that feels in balance and generates
 well-being. When we commit to our personal and
 professional transformation and have a life in balance,
 there is no greater satisfaction and joy." 

 Karen is a passionate twenty-year marketing 
 executive, skilled in strategic planning, branding, promoting
 and developing business success for start-ups, small-to-
 medium size companies and large global organizations.
 She particularly enjoys giving guidance to entrepreneurs and to businesses in transition 
 and to professionals who are re-thinking their professional direction. Karen founded 
 AKLYN Marketing & Co. marketing solutions to support organizations in their marketing
 strategy and business direction. 

 Among her many talents, she is expertly trained as a Certified Feng Shui Consultant 
 with a 3-year certification from the BTB Feng Shui® Masters Training Program. She 
 is among the faculty of the Metropolitan Institute of Design on Long Island, New York, 
 teaching the First Feng Shui Certificate Program to be licensed by the New York State
 Department of Education.  Karen studied under the supreme guidance of H.H.
 Grandmaster Prof. Lin Yun and his first designated teachers in the United States: Dr.
 Edgar Sung, Barry Gordon, Steven Post and Rosalie Prinzivalli. She serves on the 
 International Feng Shui Guild board of directors as a Marketing Director and Chair of the
 Marketing Committee, is the Development Director for Guideposts Foundation and
 supports other local NFP planning committees throughout New York. 

 Karen is a certified coach and facilitates the Extraordinary Self® Programs for
 personal and professional development.