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Offered at the Metropolitan Institute of Design

Intensive Program - consists of one weekend per month. Each weekend is part of the Certificate Program but is available to be taken individually by anyone with an interest in learning more about Feng Shui from three primary instructors, all experts in the field bringing their own unique specialties to the program. In addition, world renowned teachers and published authors lecture to enhance the educational experience. No other program offers such a variety of recognized Feng Shui schools such as BTB Feng Shui, Pyramid, Form, Compass and others. The curriculum spans over nine months of intensive studies, including mentorship and experiential opportunities to learn and become certified in the practice of Feng Shui. Finally, you can learn outside of books and put Feng Shui into practice.

Call Lisa Arato 516.845.4033 or email lisa@met-design.com

CLICK HERE to view an example of all 9 weekend intensives of the program!

Metropolitan Institute of Design
200 Oak Drive, Syosset, NY 11791

Create Your Feng Shui Vision Board©

Create a roadmap for your life with a personalized Vision Board from a Feng Shui perspective!

Every aspect of your life will combine with your visual intentions and the principles of Feng Shui.  Creating a Feng Shui Vision Board like this immediately energizes your life’s desires to balance your intentions in perfect harmony!

Your Feng Shui Vision Board will energize the following areas of your life:

Abundance . Wealth . Prosperity
Health & Family
Friends . Helpful People . Travel Plans
Creativity . Innovation . Productivity .  Children
Self Development . Knowledge & Education . Spirituality
Reputation . Fame . What you want to be known for!
Career . Lifepath . Opportunities
Love . Marriage . Relationships
Balance & Harmony in all areas!

BOOK TODAY at your venue!

Mastering Marketing Sense©
Online Home Study Program!

Mastering Marketing Sense™ is the newest approach to move your business forward with the hottest marketing trends that blend with eastern traditions and principles of Feng Shui. A dynamic concept that goes deep to create your best marketing approach to create business success!

Here is what you will learn:
1. Marketing Sense is good business – a balanced marketing plan brings harmony
2. What’s in a Business Name – the power within to attract the business you want
3. Your Business Image – what your Business Card and Logo is saying about you
4. Website and Social Media Do’s & Don’ts - attract clients with good content
5. Create Marketing Flow to Generate Business Flow – build a marketing machine
6. Keep Clients Coming Back for More – develop relationships. momentum, revenue

CLICK HERE for more information and how to register!

The Home Study Series Includes:
. 4 hours of intensive instruction and guidance - Online Webinar Program
. Companion Workbook to the Series – over 30 pages of techniques
. The MarketingBagua™ – Mastering Marketing Sense the Feng Shui Way!

Tune in to Just Relationships
WHPC 90.3 FM - Long Island's Radio Station

Dr. Duffy on 'Just Relationships' speaks with
Feng Shui expert, Karen Lynn Ferarro
The Art of Feng Shui- Part 1 & Part 2
WHPC is proud to announce that they are now podcasting.
To hear or download any show, click on http://itunes.ncc.edu
> click on Launch Nassau
> look for WHPC-FM 90.3 Icon
> scroll to Just Relationships
> then find the title of the show you want to listen to and click!
Now WHPC is available online 24 hours a day!
Note: this feature is only available for computers with ITunes


Book Karen for your next event to inspire and motivate participants!

Karen Lynn Ferraro is sure to inspire your event participants with her engaging style and dynamic topics!  Bring Karen to your next event for a dynamic, fun and informative discussion on a variety of topics - from Feng Shui to distressing your day - everyone gets something new to take with them with a new sense of well-being from ideas to inspire abundant living and worklife balance!  

Choose from a variety of topics or create one to fit your specific audience and event theme: 

  • Energizing Your Business
  • Mastering Marketing Sense for Your Business
  • Living Fearlessly - Embracing Change
  • Manifesting Abundance with the Art of Feng Shui
  • Greening the Business of Your Life!
  • Office & Business Feng Shui for Increased Productivity
  • Creating Feng Shui Landscapes and Gardens 
  • Feng Shui and Marketing for Generating Business Flow!
  • Extraordinary Self for Career and Business Success! 
  • Creating Balance & Harmony in the Workplace
  • Embracing Your Transition & Reinventing Yourself
  • Becoming Empowered to be Your Personal Best
  • Feng Shui for Business Opportunities and Success
  • What's Your Growth Story?... Secrets to Personal & Professional Transformation
  • Enhancing Your Inner Health and WellBeing for Optimum Performance
  • Building a Business of Your Own... What's in the way of success you deserve!
  • The Present Called Presence... it's the best 'Gift' you will ever receive!

Contact:  Karen Lynn Ferraro at info@karenlynnferraro.com or call 631-294-5686 for more information about scheduled workshops, speaking engagements, or to request a customized  presentation for your event!

Copyright ©2013 - Written by Karen Lynn Ferraro ~ Published by Aklyn Marketing & Co.